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Hazlegrove  |  Architectural Photography
Location: Roanoke Virginia

Mobile / Cell: (540) 819-4356

Capabilities & Process

All assignments begin with a mutual agreement of what clients need to accomplish. A shot list is provided and a time/cost limit is determined. In most cases, I am dispatched to provide clients a broad selection of images for one project, spending the right amount of time to establish the best work. Others prefer to schedule as many shots and facilities into a single day based on budget restrictions. In all agreements, I arrive on time to capture the best light and include enough lighting equipment to insure all interior and exterior photographs are executed to client standards.

Professions Served

•  Architecture  |  Interior Design  |  Real Estate

•  Engineering  |  Commercial + Residential Construction

•  General Contractor  |  Landscape Architecture

•  Mason |  Roof Systems  |  HVAC  |  Green Building

•  Furniture Design  |  Cabinets  |  Counter Tops  |  Remodeling

•  Appliance Goods  |  Windows-Doors  |  Glass

•  Environmental Technology  |  Industrial Material

•  Swimming Pool Construction  |  Kitchen & Bath Design

Hazlegrove | Architectural Photography

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Hazlegrove | Architctural Photography • Roanoke, Virginia  24014 • (540) 819-4356